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micro face pump

Micro Face Pump  is a Leading Manufacturer of All types of pumps, Motores, Strainer, Valves, Borwell Submersible Pumps, Centrifugal Monoblock Pumps, Submerger Centrifugal Pumps, Induction Motor, Solar Pumps and Pumps  Related Items, Etc.

Micro Face Pump

We are the Pioneer and the first Indian Manufacturer and Exporter of Sealless Magnetic Drive Centrifugal pumps used for the Industrial Segments — Chemical Process Industries, Pharmaceutical industries, Petrochemical Industries, Refineries, Water treatment plant, Metal processing industries, Recycling industries, Refrigeration industries, Heating plant and Tank storage. We offer a wide range in Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pumps according to DIN EN 22858/150 2858 Standards.

Our Sales and Service support team is always prompt to serve you better and provide professional and seamless service. MicroFace Pumps has engaged the services of leading Management Consultant to train and develop all MicroFace Pumps personnel to serve their customers professionally and efficiently.

International Standards

Micro Face pumps are manufactured as per DIN-24255/ISO-2858/IS – 5120 /HIS/IS – 1520 standards and tested as per IS-9137, API-610 & ISO – 2548 standards. Micro Face pumps constitutes of highly standardized and is designed with modular structures

Industries Served

Established in 2000 by an enterprising technocrat Mr. X.Y,Z –Micro Face Products Ltd. an ISO 9001 certified company is now a leading & respected pump manufacturer in India. Micro Face Products Ltd. has now expanded in all type of pumps

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance Department is manned by qualified engineers to ensure completion of raw materials and final pumps with relevant quality norms. The activities are divided into raw material inspection, in-process inspection and final inspection.

Why Choose Micro Face Pump?


At Micro Face Pumps, we specialize in manufacturing of pumps suitable for multiple purposes. From Centrifugal pumps, multistage high pressure pumps, horizontal mixed flow pump, vertical multistage pumps, Torque Flow Pumps, our pumps offer the highest quality and excellent results.


As a  leading Industrial Pump Manufacturer, we have a fully qualified team of technical advisers to help you choose the right pump for your application. We specialize in a wide range of applications and take great care to ensure our clean process pumps and Industrial pumps are manufactured to strict guidelines to avoid any contamination issues


If you are not sure about exactly what your requirements are, or you don’t understand why a system keeps causing problems, please do lean on Micro Face Pumps a leading Industrial Pump Manufacturer! Our 15+ years’ experience of manufacturing and supplying pumps means we have good knowledge of the various pumping system problems that can occur.